Karen Sumner


Firstly I do apologize for not writing sooner;
I don’t know where the time has gone. Just wanted to let you know that Roucky and Sissy both arrived safe and sound and are settling in well. Roucky has been to the vet 3 times but only because he managed to get a couple of ticks and then he started coughing again so had to have an X-ray and then go back to check him out, but he seems to be doing OK for his age. Sissy is fine but does not want to go outside, I think she knows that it is horribly hot, which it is.

Thank you for taking care of them when they were in your charge and also for organising everything so well, I know I do worry sometimes but you were very reassuring.

Thank you once again and I did pass on your name and details to a friend of mine who is returning to the UK sometime in July, I believe.

Kind Regards