Everything you need to know about PetRelocation.SG

Petrelocation.sg specializes in pet export, pet import and pet relocation to every corner of the world.

Petrelocation.sg specialist & worldwide service provider for relocating pets all around the world. From departure to the final destination, our comprehensive services set the benchmark standards in international pet relocation.

The logistics of international pet relocation can be very complex. A company that specializes in international pet transportation is often well worth the investment when they can ensure the safe transport of your pet.

We take full charge in your situation. Proper care and precaution is taken every step of the way with every pet transport. Whether you need the help of a pet travel specialist in Singapore or in another country, Petrelocation.sg has individualized pet services designed to work with you and your precious pets.

With a deep affection and professionalism towards dogs and cats. Our many years of experience in handling animals, we are the No 1 choice for your pet relocation needs. As of today, we collaborate and operate only with airlines to transport and relocate animals worldwide on a door-to-door basis.

Petrelocation.sg ensures that the often-complex requirements of regulatory authorities are met to avoid unnecessary delays at any point and we will guide you about documentation, container requirements and other IATA Regulations.

We take great pride in what we do. Petrelocation.sg has relocated countless number of dogs and cats worldwide. We adhere strictly to IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) to ensure that all animals are given the best treatment.


Pet Import and Pet Export

When moving with your pets in and out of Singapore, it involves a lot of documentation and import requirements to be fulfilled in order to obtain the import permit and Quarantine reservations. Petrelocation.sg, will make everything easier for you. We at Petrelocation.sg provide you the following services when you import pet(s) and export pet(s) in and out of Singapore