Travelling by Manifested Cargo (alone)

When a pet is travelling as manifest cargo they are checked in by us and cargo employees at the airport who have undergone “pet safe” training. … This means pets are given priority, they are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles, and they are never left to sit on the tarmac.

Travelling as “manifest cargo” (or just “cargo”) means that your pet will travel as an unaccompanied shipment, even if you will be travelling on the same flight. In fact, if you need to travel at a different time than, and on a different flight from, your pet, cargo is the only way to go.

Pets are loaded into a temperature and pressurized compartment separate from luggage. They are also the last to be loaded onto the plane and the first to come off. … Introduce your pet to the cargo crate as early as possible. The more comfortable your pet is inside the crate the better.

Your pet will travel on an Air Waybill (AWB) and the airline may require the consignee at the destination to acknowledge an ‘OK-to-Forward’  before we can even load the animal on the plane at departure.   This ensures that no pet is stranded on arrival because nobody came to collect.  We can make cargo bookings on your behalf provided we have a full name, address, telephone and email address for the consignee receiving your pet.

Do realise that this is the most expensive means of transport, but it is the most secure, and several countries will ONLY allow entry as manifested cargo, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE to name but a few.

Traveling via excess or accompanied baggage

Excess baggage, the pet travels like any other excess suitcase. The airline will never take any responsibility for the pet, only for the container should it get lost, regardless of what is inside. Not every airline will allow excess baggage, but if they do the charge is nominal.  It varies by airline, route, and the size of the container.  We can make this booking or the owner can make this booking along with their own ticket.  There is an upper limit to size and weight which varies by airline, as well as according to the route and destination.

On departure day, the passenger only receives a baggage ticket or receipt, just as for any other suitcase. The pet does not go down the baggage belt but will be taken directly by a handler as with any outsize item. The owner is wholly responsible for the animal. This is why your best friend must be housed in a rigid container up to IATA standards for travel in hold 5 back of the aircraft. recommends booking pets as manifested cargo for the safest and least stressful way to transport your pet.