Abbey Larsen

Yes, my two dogs and I were reunited after the flight. I was very happy with KLM, especially from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. During the 4 hour layover in Amsterdam I went directly to the transfer desk and the attendant there called the animal hotel for me to check on my two pups. They said that they were there and were doing well. They also said that they were getting ready to exercise them and they would take them to the gate 30 min. before the flight. They told me that when I was checking in that I was welcomed to ask the front desk to double check and make sure my dogs were indeed getting delivered to the correct gate. I did this and they were happy to check for me and then even went as far as to confirm that the dogs were indeed at the gate and preparing to board the flight. I felt so much more at ease once I knew that they were being taken care of just by the amount of communication that they were willing to have with me. I was really blown away by how professional and personable KLM as well as the airport staff in Amsterdam. Although the flight and travel time were incredibly long coming from Jakarta, Indonesia, I was well pleased with the care and consideration that they took to help me. They were also very sympathetic to the situation in how long it took me and made sure that I was personally well-taken care of on the flight.

The only mishap that happened was once arriving at LAX. For some reason, all of the dogs on board (there were about 10 total) were sent from the flight straight out to cargo so myself and a few other dog owners had to wait at baggage claim for about an hour for our puppies to come out. I believe that it was a bit of a stressful journey and environment for the dogs to go to because everyone of the airport officials that I spoke with seemed sympathetic and a bit surprised telling each of us that we should write a letter to the airline. So I did that yesterday. I was just happy to reunite with them once they came. I asked one of the porters to help me take the dogs out and from the point that I received the dogs to the point of meeting my family at the airport pickup area, went extremely quickly and very smooth. There was no intense questioning going on and everyone seemed very understanding of how stressful the situation was so they were happy to help move the process along. The dogs did extremely well and have adjusted quickly to their new environment. It feels as if they were meant to be here all along because of how excited they are. I feel like they are now safe and happy and even more obedient now. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them here and satisfied in knowing that they will have a better future and more consistency all-around.

I am so thankful to for all of the effort and care that was put in from beginning to end. Going above and beyond the necessary duties of animal transportation and stepping into securing the safety and well-being of the animal as well as being sensitive to the stress of the owner was where excelled far above other companies that I had originally researched. I am so thankful that I went with and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good-quality and trust-worthy animal transportation company.

Thank you for everything!
Sincerely, Abbey