The Visiting Vets

The Visiting Vets Clinic is a veterinary clinic based in Singapore that provides a comprehensive range of services, including consultations, housecalls practice, diagnostic and surgical services and dental treatment. After-hours emergency services are also available for existing clients.

The Animal Ark Vets

Dr Eugene Lin is proud to be the first in Singapore to offer veterinary laparoscopic surgery, also known as key-hole or minimally invasive surgery. Now, surgeries ranging from routine sterilisations to complex biopsies can be performed with less risk and a speedier recovery. With a wide range of rigid and flexible Karl StorzTM scopes, he also offers advanced endoscopic and otoscopic procedures at Binjai Park. We utilize DrägerTM anaesthetic equipment rivaling those used in human medicine, and have in-house diagnostic machines similar to those found in reference laboratories. We use fully automated plate-to-screen digital x-rays and offer in-clinic ultrasonographic exams for greater diagnostic accuracy. Our newest addition to the clinic is the introduction of in-house stem cell technology, allowing the regeneration of previously irrepairable tissues.

Foodie Market Place

Best place to get beef for dog’s and cat’s in Singapore. Fresh and reasonable price.

Amy Academy of Animal Arts

At Amy Academy of Animal Arts, we believe in working closely with you on your pet’s aesthetics as well as its well being.
To help make your pet’s time with us more comfortable, kindly provide us with the following information:

  • Is he/she afraid of nail clipping, bath etc?
  • If he/she has had any recent surgery or injuries?
  • If he/she has any medical condition?
  • If he/she has any allergies or is sensitive to shampoo/conditioner or perfume?

During the course of grooming your pet, we keep a llookoutfor various things like:

  • Parasites – ticks, fleas or mites
  • Skin conditions – hot spots, rashes etc
  • Growths or lumps
  • Discharge from the eyes, nose or ears